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​​Discover a business management software designed for you! Economical, easy and practical, a real partner in your daily life...

Kaféine requires the installation of Filemaker (16 minimum). With Kaféine, create your customer list, and possibly your product list, then prepare a quote (with or without VAT) to your customer. Any movement of the customer can be mentioned: he accepts your estimate, he pays a deposit, he refuses the estimate... he wants an invoice, are all movements kept, very useful for your management follow-up. You will even be able to edit a follow-up of work to make a point on what is pending and already carried out.
Kaféine accompanies you without ever making you do the accounting. You stay focused on your business. At the end of the year, you have an inventory of your sales to declare it to the taxes, a vision of your rates of concretization by customer in order to understand the time spent on each customer... Moreover, the software respects the law and allows you to be in conformity on a daily basis.

Estimate in a few seconds, without forgetting the legal terms and the GC. Invoice without forgetting the legal terms and deadlines. Duplicate quotes. Import and export of products and contacts. Management with or without VAT. Management of tax returns. Invoice follow-up. Management of business contributors. Management of margins. Management of partial discounts (attributed to a product) or global discounts (attributed to a customer). Management of work follow-ups. Management of the sending of your documents by email in protected PDF. Management of your protected signature. Management of follow-ups. Management of advance payments. Management of a tax archive.